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Launching AgentAPP

The Appsite for professional agents who understand the importance of branding themselves

The Appsite for professional agents who understand the importance of branding themselves

SEOsocial have launched AgentAPP – our first new product for individual estate agents and now available at a special launch price of R499 a year.  AgentAPP is a very easy to use ‘appsite’ that is totally about the promotion of the individual estate agent estate agent.

With more than 50% of all users now accessing the internet on hand held devices is it not crucial for you to have an easy to use ‘electronic business card’ that can show clients more about you and your properties as well as your contact information quickly and easily with absolutely no set up hassles required from you!

AgentAPP has been launched with two time limited special offers;

 can also be accessed via a unique QV code that is provided free of charge with your AgentAPP to use on your promotional material.
It’s time to brand YOU – it’s time to have your own AgentAPP and make finding your information and your properties easier!

And that’s not all!  SEOsocial will give each AgentAPP client a free Google url registration submission with ten keywords!
As with all SEOsocial services we operate on an exclusive area basis!  No product will ever be sold to another agent or business in the same territory!

Secure your AgentApp and your exclusive rights now!


New Load Shedding Schedule

The new schedules below are designed around the days of the month and reflect Eskom’s decision to implement loadshedding nationally on a regular basis and over weekends. They replace the previous schedules, which were designed around days of the week and were applicable for occasional loadshedding during peak demand times.

Loadshedding stages depend on the extent of the shortage of generation capacity to meet the country’s electricity demand, with stage 1 being the least serious, and stage 3b being the most serious.

Loadshedding outages generally last for about 2,5 hours, with one area being affected at a time during stage 1 and four areas being affected at a time during stage 3b.

Click on image to download and print full pdf. 




City of Cape Town is currently experiencing Stage 1 Load Shedding

The City of Cape Town is currently experiencing Stage 1 Load Shedding.

Precautions to avoid damage to appliances:

  • load-shedingHave backup batteries for fences and gates to ensure electric fencing and gates still work during a blackout. It is imperative that backup batteries are installed and maintained;
  • Install surge protectors which help to stop the massive sudden flow of energy into household appliances and electronics;
  • Unplug appliances: In the event that the power goes out, it is a good idea to unplug any appliance or electronic device that may be vulnerable to the power surges when the electricity comes back on.

To view load shedding map at any time save the following like to your bookmarks: SEOsocial


Christmas Wishes

Seasons Greetings postcard.aiThe SEOsocial blog and Chas Everitt would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love starts from your house, to your neighbourhood, to your community, to your nation and to the whole world. Spread the love and festive cheer to all those you meet.


Beware of Fraud in the Rental Market

crossed-fingers-at-handshakeThe public is urged to be aware of a bogus rental scheme that is taking place around the country.

This seems to work so well it has been gaining popularity!  Individuals pretend to be estate agents and target unsuspecting potential renters. They post details of rental properties online and then ask interested parties to secure the flat by paying a deposit, either in cash or via electronic funds transfer.
A Sea Point man was arrested in August on fraud charges after allegedly conning nine people after an advert on Gumtree.
The suspect reportedly advertised a flat for rent and then asked interested parties to secure the flat by paying a deposit and the first months rent, which in itself is normal terms and conditions. However, when it came time to move in, victims find the flat is occupied and the suspect has made off with the deposit.
These bogus agents inform potential renters that a number of people are interested in the property and are urged to view and pay the deposit and / or first months rent and they would get the property. With a tremendous scarcity it seems there are plenty of desperate tenants who fall for this.
Should tenants have an interest in a property it is recommend that you phone the local office of the estate agency to establish that the agent is a registered agent with that company. But of course it is easy to use the name of a real agent so do not just use the number you are given but look it up yourself.

Never transfer money without seeing a contract first or without verifying that you are dealing with the owner or the owner’s representative. Do not pay a deposit without solid confirmation that the organisation is following legal procedures. Easier said than done if you are desperate to secure the apartment.

Free SEO tools

Free SEO tools

free seo

We are here to help you on a professional basis but we do not  want to charge you for something you can and want to do for yourself.
Here are some easy and important SEO activities and tools that are totally free to assist you.


Independent Measures

SEO - Search Engine Optimization in Target

We believe in measurable results for clients – not promises on what we are going to do! If the objective is to SOAR in search engine results and social media popularity the results must say one thing to our clients based on our services; “what a bargain!”  That’s why we use independent monitoring reports on a monthly basis to show conclusively that we produce real results on the real keyword searches that matter!

SEOsocial signs third client since launch last week

Hermanus property for sale


Hermanus based real estate group that covers much of the Overberg Region has signed with SEOsocial in our first contract outside the Cape Town Metro Region.  The owner of the Hermanus estate agency cited Andre’s 30 year experience in real estate together with Andre’s passionate interest in technology as the main reason for his decision.

“The contract has been offered to us on a performance guaranteed basis so I am very comfortable with that.  There are objective measures in place to determine progress so I can see what I will be paying for which appeals to me as does the exclusivity for my area.  This is not a service  I would like my opposition to have access to!” said Dean Meijer the owner of the group of Overberg estate agencies.

SEOsocial contracts with Chas Everitt Cape Town South

chaseveritt-south african-property-websites

SEOsocial has signed an exclusive agreement with three of Chas Everitt’s Cape Town offices to administer their social media and blog  strategy.

Chas Everitt’s Cape Town offices own numerous valuable domains and websites that according to Principal Andre de Villiers are not sufficiently exploited.   These include such sites as Constantia.co.za and FalseBay.info and CapeTownProperty.com 

SEOsocial offers exclusive SEO and social media marketing services to real estate companies on an exclusive area basis.

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